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Default Re: PC loses connection ever 20 minutes?

Originally Posted by Albo View Post
That's exactly it, thanks bearclaw.

Anyways, now a lot of sites are slow. Youtube won't stream AT ALL. (I updated flash, closed adblock, had javascript enabled just as it was, stopped other connections) But still no video. It does the circle thing, then it says cannot load video, an error occurred) I have no idea what is wrong. The laptop works fine, the other desktop is good. Just this PC. And the thing is, that I haven't changed a single thing the past week. No updates (except for the internet adapter drivers ones I did after the problem started).

Now I'm only on the ethernet cord adapter, and its working fine except sites are slow, and youtube won't load at all.

Actually, after posting this I tried youtube again and it worked. I tried another video and it wouldn't even search. This is so strange.
nekro nailed it. Your issue could also have been caused by DNS and name resolution issues.

Switch over to new DNS servers. Go to your ethernet adapter, right click and go to properties. Click on Internet Protocol v4 and go to properties. Hit the "use the following DNS servers" and use the OpenDNS servers ( and for your DNS. The ones provided by the ISP are typically slow and ****ty.
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