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Default HTC Droid Eris

So, I have been wanting to get a cheap Android device and a nice guy I came across offered me his Droid Eris. Sure, older tech and a silly trackball...

but hot dam...

Some of the ROM's for this thing are unreal. It has a modded 2.1, a full 2.2 and even a 2.3 that works fine. I have my cpu underclocked/overclocked at 19mhz/710mhz. It flies along great. So far my battery life has been amazing too. 7 hours of use, 90% left.

The other thing I enjoy is the managable size of the Eris. Everything is going to 3.7 and 4 inch screens... how the hell is that supposed to fit into my pocket? I'm a fan of smaller devices.

The reason for this post was just saying how fantastic the ROM community is to a little Eris.
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