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Default Re: IE9 going live tonight

Originally Posted by betterdan View Post
Well I have it downloaded but now neither the 32 bit nor the 64 bit will display correctly lol. The pictures that cycle at the tyop of the page never appear correctly. One picture may show up then the others never download.

Yea I just noticed the fonts and I don't care for it either. Why did they mess with fonts?

It is quite a bit faster than IE8 when opening sites. The Sunspider java performance test is a hell of a lot faster for me now too. With IE8 it was scoring crappier than most of the tablets and my computer is no slouch. Score with IE8 was about 4,000ms with IE9 it is 232ms
Check your score here

14675ms with the Kraken benchmark found here
Nothing like javascript to not use any multithreading...

Sunspider at 147ms

The Kraken Benchmark:
Total: 9744.2ms +/- 0.4%

Could probably cut those number down if I oc'ed the processor. (Using I7 2600K at stock)
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