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Default Re: Firefox 4.0 Final released

Originally Posted by AthlonXP1800 View Post
Well here go again, I am baffled at guys complainted about fonts seemed different but I checked to compared Firefox 4 final version with old Firefox 3.6.15 on VMWare but the fonts on this thread all looked about the same.

If you are not happy with this site's own fonts then you can change the fonts and sizes you want through Firefox option's content tab and unticked "Allow pages to choose their own fonts, instead of my selections above" in Fonts & Colours advanced box button.
They most certainly are not the same. Firefox 4 uses hardware acceleration which makes the text look blurry and just basically bad. I just installed FF4 and the first thing I noticed is how bad all the text looked. A quick Google of "Firefox 4 blurry text" comes up with a ton of results saying the same thing.

Luckily, you don't need to change the sites fonts, just go into Options/Advanced and untick "Use hardware acceleration when available".
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