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Default Re: Official Crysis 2 Feedback Thread

Originally Posted by Sowk View Post
Wow, for PC gamers you guys are real hypocritical. If it was PC only you would buy day 1.

But if multi platform... Forget it. I will personally enjoy it today once finished from steam.
Comparing crysis to crysis 2 you can clearly see what multiplatform development does to a decent game. Everything I listed are issues introduced in second game, most likely caused by multiplatform dumbed down development.

Issues are:

1) Little to no configurable graphics (compared to crysis, crysis 2 has little to know configurable graphics)
2) No DX10 or 11 on launch? (Again DX10 was part of the first game)
3) COD-like MP (does every MP game need to play like COD?)
4) lowered visuals (again why does second game look worse than first?)

I agree that graphics are not everything; i still like to play old Doom, but why go backwards? I regress in progress?

This seems like another DA2 case, remove parts of game, dumb it down a bit (in DA2 case: A LOT) basically 1 step forward, 3 steps back, just to appeal to larger mass market crowd that doesn't give a flying **** about a game, will play the game for less then a month and then forget it even existed.
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