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Default Re: Official Crysis 2 Feedback Thread

Originally Posted by knghtwhosaysni View Post
I don't get the graphics concerns. I'm no Crysis fan (hated the slow gameplay in the first, never bothered to finish the story), but I think the game looks great in motion... What exactly makes you guys think it looks worse than the first?

And lol about the dx10/dx11 thing. if it looks good, it doesn't matter what API it uses.
I quite agree with You. Gameplay is what matter most. But in this case they should at least include and Eye bending mode for modders and hardcore pc gamers... which isnt only higher res and textures than consoles.

Anyway. I think it looks way better in motion and action. Explosions looks and sounds great. Its a bit dumbed down in complexity vs crysis1(which is kinda even allright in some way) but holy ****!!! I dont give an ass if Crysis1 CAN look better or whatever. This "console port" sure looks jaw dropping for me and works faster than first game. just WOOOW
I think it is in some areas better game than Crysis1 and in some only equal. So hows that bad?

And I find all the comparsion of modded Crysis1 with downsampled 3fps images a bit unfair Also considering that there is no dx10/11 and mods for C2 YET
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