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Default Re: Official Crysis 2 Feedback Thread

Originally Posted by knghtwhosaysni View Post
What exactly makes you guys think it looks worse than the first?
I've only played the game at the Extreme setting (the highest setting). Compared to Crysis 1's highest native settings, Crysis 2 appears to exhibit...

1. more pop-in
2. a poorer shadow LOD
3. no parallax mapping
4. lower texture resolution
5. only a single in-engine AA implementation (compare Crysis 2's AA to, say, 8xQAA + 4x TrSSAA in Crysis 1)
6. a less dynamic game world (read: less real time physics and non-scripted destructibles)

It's a fun enough game and all, but, sorry Crytek, your first game simply looks better on my hardware. There's just no getting around it. I'm sure there are lots of interesting code optimizations in CE3, but, honestly, it looks to me like what's really driving the better performance in Crysis 2 as compared to Crysis 1 is that they've simply turned off or removed features that were on and in the first game.

I can't wait for CE4. Hopefully we'll have even better performance. My suggestions to Crytek are the following:

1. Only have a single graphics setting. Call it, I don't know, 'Ultra Extreme' or something like that.
2. Remove AA altogether. Jagged edges aren't that bad.
3. Move away from a completely dynamic lighting solution. Lots of modern and profitable games still use prebaking.
4. Remove physics. Really it's just about shooting enemies and watching scripted events.
5. Remove the player model. Do we really need to be able to see our legs and feet when we look down? Getting rid of the player model will reduce the number of polys in the scene and yield some performance.

Those are just a few off the top of my head. These sacrifices can be masked by increasing motion blur, DOF, bloom, and glare effects. Marketers have known this for years, but apparently if you flash enough shiny lights in a persons face you can pretty much get them to accept anything you present to them. Maybe by CE6 or 7 we'll be running the latest Crytek game at many thousands of frames per second. This, of course, will be accomplished by reducing the geometry to merely the walls of dungeon we'll get to explore and by replacing everything else in the game world, including enemies, with low resolution sprites.
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