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Default Re: Official Crysis 2 Feedback Thread

Originally Posted by agentkay View Post
C2 looks pretty damn good imo sure its a multi platform title so it suffers from the lowest common dominator (consoles) but its still one of the best looking games on PC. Yes some proper AA is needed, and for that we might have to wait for DX11 first, but custom cfgs should help at least disabling it. I wonder if SSAA is forceable.
I played it a bit tonight and then came straight home and fired up C1. C1 with no mods looks 10X better at max settings than C2. And the controls... they're just ****. Add to that it's a much more closed in environment (at least the 45 minutes or so that I played) and IMO this game is all

I won't be buying it. Not even from the $5 bin.

Edit: Oh yeah, I totally forgot to mention... check points instead of quick save is another great big


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