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Default Re: Official Crysis 2 Feedback Thread

How Crytek doomed Crysis 2′s PC version:

All in all, the PC version of Crysis 2 is a console port and nothing more.

We have played them all! Farcry, Crysis, and now Crysis 2. If you were relying on Crytek to stress your new AMD or NVIDIA GPUs, well, you will likely have to wait another 4 years, or never probably. Crysis 2 graphics suck. Yes the graphics suck and you all know why. Crytek sold us out for a bunch of pussy 360 gamers. Gameplay is about as exciting and motivating as pulling a scab off your dog's scrotum. Open gameplay? Yeah right. Challenging? Not in the least. Crysis 2 goes into the "Never Finished" game bin with Daikatana. Come to think of it, Daikatana had better multi-player.

I don't often gripe about game devs selling out, but Crytek sure did. Crytek is not about innovative gameplay and astounding graphics any more. Crytek is about ripping me off for $60. I think Crytek would have gotten better press if it had not of even released its water-downed and anemic PC version of this "game." I hope Cevat Yerli chokes on this giant flaccid floppy penis of a game, while he is pulling out his overstuffed-wallet. Yeah, I just said that, and I meant it.

At least my 10 year old son thinks it is awesome. Wish he would give me the $60 back. Crysis 2 will be a great buy....when it hits the $2.99 price point on Steam.
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