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Default Re: Official Crysis 2 Feedback Thread

I'm just surprised that we have heard absolutely NOTHING from Crytek about anything... complete and total silence.

At the very least, a simple "chill out PC gamers, we've got your proper patch coming soon" or hell, just a "no this is it. take it or leave it" would even suffice but just leaving us in the dark is what is really sad.

It's almost as if they are deliberately waiting for it to be released everywhere so that they can THEN tell the PC community that they're screwed and won't be getting anything more for graphics or sandbox3 editor.

If they said that now, they'd lose countless preorders from europe and other places where it's not released yet.

Honestly, if I heard that, I'd have cancelled my preorder also. I foolishly just assumed that the editor would be included with the game along with custom configs and endless graphic tweaks via the console since that all was apparently how it WAS in the leaked version but it seems as if crytek literally took ALL of that away for the retail version.
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