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Originally Posted by Bman212121 View Post
It's the first thread on the 2nd page.

Only bad thing is that I'm wondering about the long term of the rom. He removed all of the older versions and there used to be a bunch of themes you could get the rom in. The current state seems pretty feature complete and stable, so it wouldn't be a huge deal if it wasn't getting updating much more. Sounds like he won't be releasing new versions of this anymore, but will still be in the community so I could see another release if something major came up.
So I have installed a vanilla Froyo and a vanilla Gingerbread...

GB was okay but too slow.

I really liked the Froyo... wow! It was very very fast and I left feeling very impressed. However, I will admit that I love the Sense interface so I'm hoping a Froyo Sense based rom will be available. There are some now, but they are not very stable or they are missing features.

I'm going to try the vanilla Froyo for a day or 2, but I bet I'll be back to the xtrSense before too long.
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