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Default Re: Official Crysis 2 Feedback Thread

Originally Posted by hirantha View Post
bought it, played it.. i gotta say Its not Crysis 1 for sure but Crysis 2 is not all that bad as some say it is. graphic wise yes its dumbed-down even my 6 year old machine can play extreme settings, but it still looks good. If you want to buy this game to benchmark your system like we all did when Crysis 1 came out then don't... buy it if you like to see some better game play than Crysis 1.
I have to wait for the weekend to play but I'm really looking forward to it. IGN gave it a glowing review. I like the streamlined nansuit from the MP demo. I think the extreme graphics of the first hurt sales so it makes sense that they toned it down a bit.

It looks like they were pressed for time and probably didn't finish some PC specific extras.

Regardless, I support Crytek. They've done a lot for PC gaming. They've made some of my favorite games. They deserve to cash in and be rewarded for the great work they've done in 3D graphics.
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