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Default Re: Official Crysis 2 Feedback Thread

I'm having fun with this one. It has more of a video game feel I guess I could say. First game was a tech demo with a Sandboxish game attached. It was fun and always a blast to replay every upgrade. This one I've just set it to Extreme at 1080p and it's running really well. (260GTX SLI). It's definitely a different game. Better gameplay, perhaps dirtier and cheaper effects, but they do mimic the previous games effects like object motion blur etc. I can understand people feel ripped off about the price. I grabbed my copy for 30AUD with a rewards voucher from Game. It's not 1 day one play (no game is if you have others that have your attention) but it's a lot better than the general uninformed feedback says. My advice, wait for the Limited Edition to pass, the price will drop 10-20 like Dead Space 2 did and get it then.
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