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Default Re: GeForce GTX 590 Review Thread

Originally Posted by Bah! View Post
Now that it's pretty much firmly established that Ati and Nvidia have switched positions in those departments, the flip flopping will most likely continue.

Should be interesting.
It's funny how that works, isn't it? The GTX480 was faster than the 5870 pretty much across the board, and demolished it on DX11, yet the ATi fans (and a fair amount of NVIDIA fans) spent the next year crucifying it for noise.

Now that ATi's card is by far the loudest (HARDOCP says you can't even hear a 590) and the card trade wins on benches the ATi fan's post is "Noise has never mattered! The benchmarks the 6990 loses don't matter! What matters is the benchmarks ATi wins, and having 500MB more VRAM of course!"

When I received the 590 a while back I took out my GTX480SLi and ran some benches at 57X10:

JustCause2 57X10 4X16X Dark Tower demo: 74.3 fps (within 1fps of the GTX480 SLi)
MafiaII 57X10 0X16X: 76fps (within 1fps of the GTX480 Sli)
FarCry 2 57X10 4X16X: 74fps (within 2fps of the GTX480 SLi)

Oh yeah, and I can turn on 3d and play in 3d on one or three monitors (depending on game and setting) with this card, see the PhysX effects in the dozen games I have with PhysX.

Would I trade this for a few more frames in some games that wouldn't change the game experience, and CF/CCC?

When you throw the fact it's totally quiet doing all of the above and the 6990 roars like a blow dryer doesn't hurt either.

EDIT: I should note that noise has never been my personal deal maker/breaker, but it clearly matters to the market in general.

I think this card is a very nice mix of performance and ergonomics.
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