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Default Re: Official Crysis 2 Feedback Thread

Originally Posted by Sean_W View Post
Doesn't matter. Crytek consistently lied and they still haven't said anything to the community. They even lied to console gamers, saying CE3 would have proper destructible physics.

The gameplay my well be better but the game is ultimately a let down for the PC community, compared to what we had 4 years ago.
Come on, Sean... you can do far better than that... I mean...

Do you need all the bell & whistles to be playing a game? Don't take me wrong... it would be absolutely ok to play with all effects and everything maxed out but so what if the physics engine doesn't really allow for 'proper'? I don't know anyone (up to date, that's it) who spends even... 5% of their time destroying things just to play with the physics part of a game engine, because you're missing the best part of the game... the game itself

And, anyway, even with your machine you should be able to obtain a decent gameplay at it (maybe not at 'hardcore' but hey, close to it), so... what's the big deal?

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