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Default Re: GeForce GTX 590 Review Thread

Originally Posted by MikeC View Post
That's fine. But consumers will be "investing" in a high-quality power supply.

I invested in a power supply that's flexible enough that I can drive multiple 590s or multiple 570s.

I'm sure you did too.
I'd like to see someone throw a clamp meter around the cables though... The HD6990 was supposed to be pushing the limits of the PCI-E spec and the GTX 590 draws another 45W beyond that. Just make sure you have some pretty hefty rails going to that GPU and you will probably be okay.

It is quite amazing what Nvidia was able to do with the cooler. Given the temps are in the same range the card is quieter while drawing more power. What I think happened was Nvidia was making a cooler designed for a higher TDP and they decided to lower the clocks and bring the power level down some. This obviously hurt the performance but it helped the noise levels.

EDIT: Hmm I'm seeing numbers all over the place. Some claim lower, some higher. It would matter which profile people were using for the AMD card though. Nvidia lists the card as 365W TDP so that keeps it in spec. There might be some headroom to overclock the card if you turn the fan to manual.
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