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Default Re: Official Crysis 2 Feedback Thread

Originally Posted by LydianKnight View Post
Come on, Sean... you can do far better than that... I mean...

Do you need all the bell & whistles to be playing a game? Don't take me wrong... it would be absolutely ok to play with all effects and everything maxed out but so what if the physics engine doesn't really allow for 'proper'? I don't know anyone (up to date, that's it) who spends even... 5% of their time destroying things just to play with the physics part of a game engine, because you're missing the best part of the game... the game itself

And, anyway, even with your machine you should be able to obtain a decent gameplay at it (maybe not at 'hardcore' but hey, close to it), so... what's the big deal?

Why would you buy a product from a company who lets you down or promises things they don't deliver? They called the PC community pirates and delivered something sub-par to 4 years ago in the graphics department, less settings, no editor.

Console gamers use this excuse of gameplay matters, but it's the whole package that matters and Crysis 2 doesn't deliver, considering how they showed off their engine. It's just like Epic did and UT3 was a total disaster, only later did they somewhat repair it with patches.
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