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Default Re: GeForce GTX 590 Review Thread

Originally Posted by Pennyboy View Post
I am impressed with the 590GTX, its a smaller package than the 6990 and runs much quieter which is the most important thing to me. But still FTW GTXs 580s in SLI is what I would aim for!

I am also surprised by how many people are calling this card a flop on the net, its a VERY fast card and driver improvements i am sure will make it even better. So the 6990 might be 30 fps faster but who would notice when your over 100fps anyways!? again the noise of a 6990 would do my head in!
I have to agree. The 6990 may be faster by a smidge, but for the 590 to keep up with it at lower clocks, heat and noise...I wouldn't call it a flop either.

I'm still not going to pay 700 bucks for it or the 6990 though.
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