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Default Re: GeForce GTX 590 Review Thread

Originally Posted by Vanzagar View Post
I wish they did a better job of labelling each card for the noise snippets...
What's the card at 6:21?
I take it the 6990 is at 6:24?
What time stamp is the 590GTX at?

I didn't think the noise would really matter to me, but that noise at 6:24 is ridiculous and probably a deal breaker for me...

On that note is AMD going to address the noise anytime soon? Are there any recommended replacement fans that are a lot quieter?

I'm really trying to decide between the HD 6990 and the GTX 590, but I won't probably buy for another month or two...

I bet an accelero xtreme will show up eventually for the 6990, maybe even the 590. The one they built for the 5970 was pretty successful.
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