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Default Re: GeForce GTX 590 Review Thread

Originally Posted by Bah! View Post
Turns out it is a driver issue.

IMPORTANT: The supplied Geforce Drivers 267.52 for Geforce GTX 590 will not stop the card from overheating when overclocking. Please use newer versions from the Nvidia website and stay away from 267.52. Otherwise this may happen ...

From a video showing the card burning up.
TechPowerUp review was using 267.71 driver as recomended by Nvivia. So it shouln't be driver issue, at least not the same as with the 267.52 driver in your post.

I wonder a little since when the Nvidia drivers have any problems. After reading many of the red777star post, that's very hard for me to believe. I can mention few others, but why waste time and ink, they know who they are.

Anyway driver included in the released card should not blow it up.

So probably it's just some faulty part hopefully on only few rushed out card without enough testing. Not only my speculation, according to this post by Micutzu at other forum.
It's not about the cooling SKYMTL, the PWM is too weak, just as it is on the GTX 570. Two GTX 590 died the same way here, one in our test lab and one in a demo system of a reseller, both not overclocked or overvolted; Nvidia says some faulty components not found on retail parts caused it, but both us and TPU had retail package GTX 590's.
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