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Default Re: Official Crysis 2 Feedback Thread

I only registered here to share my displeasure in Crytek.

I upgraded my PC for two games Civ % and Crysis 2 in december.

Sure i f 'd wanted to I could buy a console or two, but I want immense graphics not console crapware.

no DX11 no money from me - i had only planned two games this year C2 and BF3.

We all know that the patch will not cut it. DX 11 must be implemented on the ground lvl to take desired effect. Patching it will only boost GFX somewhat while degrading VASTLY performance.

A man waits for something that was supposed to be better than anything on the market and gets bitterly disappointed.

Crytek instead of being Industry leader goes mainstream follower. Not the way to go.

btw - who needs DX9 anyway?!
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