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Default Re: The Best PSP Games I Have Ever Played

I'm familiar with the Ys series. I found a copy of Ys The Ark of Naptishm and Ys Seven but can't find Oath in Felghana. I'll keep a look out for it. I'm always up for a good RPG. I ended up not really getting into Meal Gear Solid. It just moved to slow or something. I'm currently playing through FF VII Crisis Core, I'm a little over ten hours in, level 22. I haven't played a FF game since FF VII on the PS2. Anyway Crisis Core is a great game too.

I've actually gone quite mad buying PSP games over the past two months, it's not like I'm spending my money on PC games, LOL. I picked up Mortal Kombat Unchained, Ridge Racers 2, Free Running, Fading Shadows, No Gravity The Plague of Mind, COD Roads to Victory, MOH Heroes 2, MLB11 The Show and Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2009.

Free Running is a parkour game a.k.a. Mirrors Edge but in a third person view. It's much harder than Mirrors Edge, complicated controls. It's like a Tony Hawk game world without the skateboard, pretty sweet.
Fading Shadows is a puzzle game where you move balls around with a beam of light. It doesn't sound too great but its fun and challenging. It has great graphics too for this type of game, DOF and everything.
No Gravity The Plague of Mind is a Wing Commander/Freespace type of game. I haven't got to play it much yet but I wasn't disappointed with the first few missions. It seems like it's going to be a kind of thin game/story but its still awesome just for being a space combat sim.
The others I'm sure you've all heard of, they are good and I would recommend them. I'm running some emulators too, NES, SNES, Sega and Sega CD. I pretty much have every US game ever made for the SNES and Sega Genesis on my PSP right now, over 2k games. I swap my favorite Sega CD games in and out because they take up so much space. It's a blast playing Night Trap on such a small screen or Slipheed, Ground Zero Texas. I miss FMV games.
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