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Default Re: GeForce GTX 590 Review Thread

It is incredible that Nvidia managed to make this card at all. The same pretty much goes for ATI and there 6990.

I can't believe also that Nvidia managed to beat ATI in the quieter category. I thought that the 590 would be louder that the 6990, I honestly thought there would be no way around that. So that is a massive kudos to Nvidia.

The clocks on the 590 are a bit of a disappointment one has to say though. I was hoping the core clock would be in the high 600's. I guess that is just no possible or the wattage needed would just be to great. It would probably have a big impact on temps as well. So the 6990 is the winner in the performance stakes, which isn't really surprising considering the clocks.

It is great to have competition in the very high end products though, one has to say. So well done to both ATI and Nvidia for making some beastly graphics cards. Now all we really need are some die shrinks. So come on TSMC and Global Foundries. Get your act together. Just imagine how much cooler(literally) and how much faster these cards would have been, had they not been limited to the 40nm process.
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