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Default Re: GeForce GTX 590 Review Thread

Originally Posted by Madpistol View Post
This is true, and I agree. It is an nvidia fansite, and I respect that. I just wish people were indifferent when it came to picking the "best solution." In this case, both solutions have drawbacks (6990: noise, GTX 590: it's slower), which is why I find it a little hard to swallow that everyone immediately announced the GTX 590 as the winner.
Yea but there's more to it aswell, i have limited experience with ATI, i've had just one card and that was a 850 xt. Nvidia feels more familiar and if i were to choose a multi gpu sollution that familiarity would mean more to me than 5-10% better performance in a resolution i don't even use. Technically the best sollution for me would be 2x6950's since my mobo supports crossfire but i still wouldn't get that, i would go for the 590 because of my limited ATI experience. I agree about the double standards of sorts but the same way that 480 buyers here said that the heat and noise was a non issue i am sure the same is said about the 6990
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