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Originally Posted by Heinz68 View Post
TechPowerUp review was using 267.71 driver as recomended by Nvivia. So it shouln't be driver issue, at least not the same as with the 267.52 driver in your post.

I wonder a little since when the Nvidia drivers have any problems. After reading many of the red777star post, that's very hard for me to believe. I can mention few others, but why waste time and ink, they know who they are.

Anyway driver included in the released card should not blow it up.

So probably it's just some faulty part hopefully on only few rushed out card without enough testing. Not only my speculation, according to this post by Micutzu at other forum.
You're right, drivers shouldn't melt your cards, but it has happened before, unfortunately. Of course, pushing a 590 to 1.2v is pretty idiotic anyway, you aren't even supposed to do that to a 580. The limit is right around 1.15v.

I guess we will find out as more and more cards get shipped out what the real problem is. A faulty part could certainly be the issue.

Originally Posted by Madpistol View Post

Sorry if I sound a bit cynical here, but seriously, you guys need to figure out what your criteria is for "better." It's an nvidia product, so obviously, we're going to like it IF it's a good product. However, @ $700, call me skeptical on weather this is actually worth the money or not.


This is true, and I agree. It is an nvidia fansite, and I respect that. I just wish people were indifferent when it came to picking the "best solution." In this case, both solutions have drawbacks (6990: noise, GTX 590: it's slower), which is why I find it a little hard to swallow that everyone immediately announced the GTX 590 as the winner.
It goes both ways, though. Some of the most obvious and annoying trolls around here aren't necessarily the Nvidia fanboys, just read the 590 thread in the rumor mill.

And, yes, it's hilarious, or sad, depending on how you look at it, that the same people that were going nuts about how loud the 480 is are now defending the 6990 which is far louder, or that people who trashed the 5870 for being slower are now slurping the 590 and acting like speed doesn't matter when it is clearly slower than the 6990.

It's even funnier when some of the people doing this are the ones calling others fanboys.
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