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Default Re: GeForce GTX 590 Review Thread

Originally Posted by Bah! View Post

And, yes, it's hilarious, or sad, depending on how you look at it, that the same people that were going nuts about how loud the 480 is are now defending the 6990 which is far louder, or that people who trashed the 5870 for being slower are now slurping the 590 and acting like speed doesn't matter when it is clearly slower than the 6990.

It's even funnier when some of the people doing this are the ones calling others fanboys.

I do agree how funny it is to read how the standards for acceptability change depending on wich brand is the loudest/runs hotter now, and who's stating their opinion, and what their opinion was with previous product releases....

But as far as an overall winner goes, i've seen all the reviews out there and it's too hard to call it really, since both cards trade blows with eachother depending on the game and settings used, and each card has particularly strong titles where the gap gets a little bigger(in the 20% range), but in most cases, they're well within 10% of eachother win or lose...

The good thing about this, is that the competition between 2 products has rarely been this tight in a very long time, and as far as the noise and heat issues are concerned, i think both are still too noisy and run too hot(the standout here is the HD6990), but given that these are 700$ enthusiast cards, it's quite likely that users who buy them will water cool them anyhow and get rid of both those problems in one shot,no matter wich card they pick(i know i would), leaving only the power consumption issue as the main sore point left.
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