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Angry NVidia Drivers HowTo for RedHat 8.0 needed


I Yesterday downloaded RedHat 8.0 and Installed it in my Home Computer (I had RedHat 7.3 with NVIDIA Athlon drivers).

The new installation makes the X windows system crash, so I don't have my computer anymore until I, someway, manage to reinstall the drivers.

So I really need (same that 90% of users):

a) A way to recover my system to a clear VGA installation. I understand I'll have to remove the 7.3 rpm packages through:

rpm -e NVIDIA_kernel

and make few changes to the XF86Config-4 file found into the /etc/X11/ directory...what changes?

b) A way to make the drivers work through recompiling them: No idea How.

So, is there anybody that could help me? I wouldn't like to be using Windows!!!

Anyway, could anybody tell me why, if NVIDIA finally released their source code, they didn't integrate it into the kernel tree so drivers came automatically with any Linux distro?
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