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Default Re: GeForce GTX 590 Review Thread

Originally Posted by Viral View Post
My conclusion is that 570 SLI 6970/6950 CF is the better option than both GTX590 or 6990. The only reason I can see to buy one of these dual GPU cards is motherboard limitations or if you want Quad SLI/CF.

Fully agree on that, but as for the Quad SLI/crossfire aspect, just get a motherboard that can handle 4 Single GPU cards and be done with it, like the EVGA classified X58 boards or similar from Asus or gigabyte.

They're a bit more expensive sure, but the flexibility is there for a variety of graphics cards setups, and can ulimately handle 6 core gulftown CPU's, wich are the fastest CPU's Intel makes, even if i'll gladly admit that sandy bridge is awsome for overclocking and value for the money, performance wise....
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