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Default Re: Official Flight Simulator X Feedback Thread

Hey Guys

Whoo nice shots there Mark they inspired me to take a looks around RED again

This one has some ENB colour tweaks ive been working on i might inc them in a goodies folder with Shade,theres also a slight shapening PP Effect shader in there,which looks pretty good with just scenery inshot but seem to have some strange effect on VC textures.....will had to do a bit more work on it as im still learning shader code

Slight delay in Shade while i work around some issues with REX & cloud lighting im thinking i'll offer the changes as extra/tweaks on the Blog as those tweaks dont seem tobe needed for any other ENV addons besides REX

Nice Repaint there Luftwayfarer,pitty i had to sell my Cat the other year (along with pretty much all my other aircraft addons,one of the reasons i dont repaint much these days)but talking about repaints i just dug up this the other day

guess id better start work on it again...once shade is done that is !

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