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Default SuSE 9.0, GeForce4 MX440 & 1.0-4496

I've just built a new machine based on an ASRock Mobo K7S8X & a 'Sparkle' GeForce4 MX440. Previously I've been using Win98SE & SuSE 7.2 (principally with Matrox agp cards). On to my new machine I've installed XP & SuSE 9.0. No problems with XP.

SuSE 9, I installed via NFS after downloading the FTP tree for 9.0 via FTP to another machine on my lan; followed by acceptance of all offered updates including an updated kernel specific to the athlon xp(2.4) processor. Note I also installed the kernel sources, inc the athlon update sources (confirmed by the nvidia-installer.log).

SuSE has still caused me a major pain. The SuSE nv driver works fine, but is obviously crippled compared to the nvidia offering.

I've downloaded the latest nvidia driver & tried to install it. At first I found it installed but wouldn't function, crashing my system, requiring a reversion to nv. Upon invoking sax2 or startx, the display turned dark grey with garbage at the bottom; the whole machine locked.

Examining XFree86.0.log showed it ended with a 'failed to initialize AGP', seemingly causing a reversion to nv & a lock up.

Amongst other problems, sax2 seems to misidentify the board. sax2 -p reports
Chip: 0 is -> NVidia GeForce4 MX440SE 01:00:0 0x10de 0x0181 AGP nv, despite the fact that 0x181 corresponds to an MX440 (confirmed by my hardware & the README accompanying the 4496 download).

This doesn't seem to present a problem to the nv driver as it covers both the MX440SE & MX440, but is worrying none the less.

Eventually I found if I added an
option "NvAgp" "1" to XF86Config, after the dpms option, X would start.

However XFree86.0.log now showed, midway, "failed to verify AGP useage" & at 1280x1024 16bpp I got about 1400 fps from glxgears, iirc.

Reconfiguring my bios from 'AGP auto' to 'AGP x4' (rather than x8 or auto) worked around this problem, at the cost of no x8. XFree86.0.log now reads AGP 4X successfully initialized (see attached file). glxgears then gives me about 2600fps for the default window at 1280x1024, 16bpp.

I've since changed to 24bpp, 1600x1200, losing 3D acceleration, as colour depth for 2D work is more important to me. I now get about 1200fps for glxgears.

Can anyone in the know explain the cause of the above problems to me? This has been a steep learning curve & I still don't understand why any of these problems arose, or how I ought to have dealt with them.

Also, is it possible to make use of the tv output under linux? This hasn't looked hopeful so far. Even with the nvidia driver active, sax2 tells me a dual head output isn't supported.

Shame this is all so much simpler under Windows (& it's not as though I've not tried).

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