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Default Re: Official Radeon HD 6990 reviews

Originally Posted by slaWter View Post
The do.
Man, if this trend continues, watercooling might be unavoidable in the future for high performance SLI/CF rigs. I don't want to go back to watercooling GFX cards again!

I'm doing that right now with my next build where the CPU's, power regulators on the motherboard and main chipset are being water cooled....It's the big boy EVGA SR-2 with a pair of Xeon X5650's(6 core chips) and 24 GB of Corsair dominator GT DDR3 2000, hopefully clocked to 4 Ghz.....12 physical cores and 24 thread madness..

With all the delays in terms of fab processes, given that if the next generation 28nm products are released by late this year(that's a very big if), we'll have been on the 40 nm process in high volume production for 2 1/2 years, so i'm not going to even guess when TSMC or global foundries are going to have the 22nm process ready for high volume production....It's getting harder and harder to shrink the process basically.

So once those 28nm based video card come in, under water cooling they go as i'll only bother upgrading when the next generation using that 22nm fab process kicks in....Both Nvidia and AMD need the very latest fab processes to really design something much faster than the previous generations...

HD6970 and the GTX580 are good products, but only marginally faster than the HD5870 and GTX480 since their GPU's are basically improved Cypress and GF100 GPU's but still using the same 40nm process, hence we get an extra 20~30% performance....Nice, but not blowing my socks off here.
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