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Default Re: GeForce GTX 590 Review Thread

Originally Posted by DRen72 View Post
I just ordered an EVGA GTX 590 to replace my 4870X2 which is now over 3 years old. I've waited for a card "worthy" to replace my 4870X2 and while I've been tempted to get a replacement card sooner, this one is the one that did it for me.

I've read every review I could find regarding the 6990 and the 590 and ultimately went with the nVidia, but it was not a simple decision. One advantage the 6990 has is the MLAA in the drivers. However, I've read that nVidia will offer a competative solution in a future driver update. Knowing this, plus having Physx, a quieter card and one that will play basically everything maxed out at 1920x1200 was what secured the choice for me.
So you made your purchase based on what they will allegedly include in a future driver release? In other words, rumors about an unknown driver release, at an unknown time, influenced your decision...

To each his own I guess lol.
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