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Default Re: Microsoft finally signed off IE9 RTM!!!

Originally Posted by grey_1 View Post
I just installed this today and am very surprised. The beta lasted about 2 days before I ripped it out of my rig and killed it.

I see a lot of complaints about fonts and though I've noticed a couple of changes so far, they're all easily readable.

Speed - blows FF away.

Though I won't use it I like the pin feature too for sites I may research something on then dump later - just much easier.

And for some odd reason the ads aren't near as bothersome as they are when using FF.

So far so good.
Does it have that "lightweight" feel? It always seemed to bog down my system when using it, etc.

I haven't used IE since.... I don't even know when - Maybe IE6? I have such a bad image of it, I immediately refute it when a new version comes out but this one seems solid. I'll certainly try it.
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