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Default Re: GeForce GTX 590 Review Thread

Originally Posted by wheeljack12 View Post
well, I ordered my gtx 590 at 9:13am on the 24th from evga. Will be picking it up from fedex on monday the 28th. I invested in 3d vision with a monitor and 3d vision kit as I was tempted to go 6990. I would have to sell off (which I am now just the video card) my gtx 580, monitor and 3d vision glasses for a 6990, a zalman 3d monitor (the only one out there that I can find for amd hd3d) and DDD's 3d software. Put it this way, my 3d vision monitor: $350cdn. 3d vision kit: $250. For the zalman 24' 3d monitor w/polarized glasses: $700! What I am getting at is that respect amd for what they are trying to do but I don't like their approach to 3d. Not many options available and they are costly. For 3d vision there is: acer, asus, dell (alienware), viewsonic, nec,etc. for monitors for 3d vision and some come with the kit. Yes, the 6990 wins in performance overall and multi monitor usage for one card, the 590 wins in terms of solution for 3d, noise, size (smaller than 6990 by an inch), and nvidia drivers. I use to own the 5970 in quad xfire. Yes, they were smokin fast. But then came the crappy drivers from amd that drove me to sell off the cards as soon as the gtx 480's hit the market. The reason I can't go back to amd for video cards, great hardware, always crappy drivers.
In my experience their drivers are fine- but I've only ever used one card. It seems most that complain about their drivers are using CrossFire. You do get some folk such as Roadhog that don't seem to have any issues... but they seem to be the minority.
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