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Default Re: GeForce GTX 590 Review Thread

I personally would not buy either card ,they are both starved for power ,nvidia if they new they were going with two 580 cores ,but give it only enough power to run 375watts ,if I am doing the calculation right two 8 pin which equal 300watts and the PCIe slot which is 75 watts ,on a card they new could draw nearly 500watts should never have been made unless they were going to give it 3 8 pin power plugs so it could have 450 watts and the 75 watts from the PCIe slot which would have made it capable of drawing 525watts would have better ideal.In fact I think if they would have made a duall GTX 560 TI with 2gigs of ram would have been the way to go. maybe they could have clock it at 900/1800/2000 and it would have been pretty close on par to the GTX 590 at defaults clocks.I have looked at benchmarks and when it is running at 900 /2000 it actually comes out faster in some games and other it only loses 1 to 3 FPS.I think it would have drawn around 375watts or something close to that .And sold it for arounf $500 ,it would have been a better deal .The HD6990 loses me at the fan noise.This is just my opinion.I think they would have sold more of them .It hard to spend $730 on a card when two GTX570 in SLI for a little over $600 is faster and a better solution IMO.
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