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Originally Posted by LydianKnight View Post
That's the base many devs take to justify migration to the console realm, so the more you complain and think like that, the more you give them a valid reason to abandon PC gaming, so yeah... keep up the 'good' work.

We already know you're up for piracy, so... anything new to say? If not, shut up your <insert your favourite non-respectable word here> mouth

And now, back on topic...

I don't get why all that hate against developers... first people cry about not having DX11 and now we're supposedly getting it, you're crying about not having... DX10??? Hahahahahaha oh, god... tell me that's a joke...

But well... we live in a (relatively) free world, but I think you're getting things wrong... very wrong... Me buying the most expensive graphics card with support for the latest API doesn't necessarily means the developers HAVE TO include that kind of support... Me whining about it 365 days a year doesn't mean I'll get what I want.

And ranting or directing that hate towards the console realm is even more pathetic and inmature... hey, at least they're doing what we're supposed to do... enjoy their games, and not babble about 'OMG this POS doesn't support my GTX 590 SLI setup die developers die!' and similar crap.

Grow the f*** up
The simple fact is that if Crysis 2 sold 50 million copies on the PC, the 5 million who pirated it, Crytek would even give a crap about.

The console version was on the torrent sites and was leaked even before the PC version. You simple cannot put an argument up that more people pirate on the PC than the console, both pirate, end of story. The difference is, that developers turn a blind eye to console piracy because they get more sales.

Also, people will buy the game if they plan on playing MP because most games don't even let you play MP without a valid key.
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