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Originally Posted by INear View Post
Aren't the graphics processor in the consoles still dx9 class chips and why it's harder for them to do dx10 and dx11 when doing cross platforms.
Well... I believe they are capable of very limited use of DX10 and 11 if I understand correctly. But it's not worth the performance hit to implement those capabilities... if I understand it correctly.

Ideally they'd have two dev team- a larger one devoted to a DX9/console version and a smaller one devoted to the DX11 version. I see no need for DX10 as it's now irrelevant since we have DX11.

Don't have a DX10 card? Enjoy the amazing framerates from the DX9 version untill you can get a DX11 capable card. And now days, with how cheap they are (Radeon HD5770, Radeon HD 6800 series, GTX460, GTX560ti) there's almost no excuse to not own one.

By the developers doing this we'd get a proper "from-the-ground-up" DX11 PC version, and the DX9/console version would be easy enough to port over to PC.

However having such a large number devs is expensive so this almost never happens. Since BF3 is supposedly from the ground up a DX11/PC first title it'll be interesting to see how that pans out as they'll have to implement DX9 somewhere along the lines.

Originally Posted by Logical View Post
Crytek developed console version foremost then ported it over to PC. The DX11 patch (if it does see the light of day) wont be anything special like the effects seen in the unigine DX11 benchmark.

The game is based on hardware that is 5 years old and software that is brand new...Cryengine 3 therefore is capable of a hell of a lot more than we saw in Crysis 2.
And with CE3's capabilities I cannot understand this logic. Honestly I think EA rushed them to release sooner rather than later- and pushed the console version heavily. I believe if it were left up to Crytek they'd have Crysis2 just as BF3 is being done- PC first and consoles second. This is contrary to EA's SOP so of course it wouldn't fly.

Originally Posted by LydianKnight View Post
That's the base many devs take to justify migration to the console realm, so the more you complain and think like that, the more you give them a valid reason to abandon PC gaming, so yeah... keep up the 'good' work.

We already know you're up for piracy, so... anything new to say? If not, shut up your <insert your favourite non-respectable word here> mouth

And now, back on topic...

I don't get why all that hate against developers... first people cry about not having DX11 and now we're supposedly getting it, you're crying about not having... DX10??? Hahahahahaha oh, god... tell me that's a joke...

But well... we live in a (relatively) free world, but I think you're getting things wrong... very wrong... Me buying the most expensive graphics card with support for the latest API doesn't necessarily means the developers HAVE TO include that kind of support... Me whining about it 365 days a year doesn't mean I'll get what I want.

And ranting or directing that hate towards the console realm is even more pathetic and inmature... hey, at least they're doing what we're supposed to do... enjoy their games, and not babble about 'OMG this POS doesn't support my GTX 590 SLI setup die developers die!' and similar crap.

Grow the f*** up
Well- it's not just pirating... it's the snobbish-impossible-to-please-fickle attitudes of the most vocal PC gamers. Crytek gave us what we wanted with Crysis 1. A game that was so graphically ahead of the times that even top-end rigs couldn't play it maxed. They went so far as to warn us that upon release NO RIG would be capable of playing it fully maxed out.

The upon release we find out they weren't lying and so many pc gamers bitched and whined and moaned and cried like a bunch of babies it was disgusting. So this time Crytek opts for a heavily optimised Crysis 2 and once again the PC community bitches, whines, moans, and cries like little babies because it isn't stressing our top-dollar rigs like the first one did.

The PC community needs to make up it's collective mind. First they criticize Crytek cause in truth Crysis was just too demanding for the hardware available at the time yet the gamers claimed it was just "unoptimized". Now Crytek makes Crysis 2 very optimise and the gamers scream "it's not the graphics and physics show case Crysis 1 was! WAAAAAH!"

So frikken annoying. The one thing I'm beginning to love about the console crowd is in general I notice a lot less bitching and whining.
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