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Originally Posted by Logical View Post
...and some people like Lydianknight would just lie down and take it, and flame anyone who has valid points.
Yes, I'm going to buy it in the next... 6 months timeframe. So what? For me it's a good game or, to be more precise, looks like a good game. Not like Crysis 1 (but hey, it's MY opinion).

Like grey_1 and other people, I'm not going to pay $60 for a game. I'll get it when it's less pricey. But that doesn't make me going like 'they deserve for the game to be pirated' and crap like that...

If you don't like something, don't buy it or don't play it, but why talking about piracy? It's not only very incorrect, politically speaking, but also the perfect excuse developers are looking for to migrate to the console world or just deliver games with poor content or just not delivering the full experience for a given game (like, for example, the absence of many DLCs from AAA titles like Dead Space 2 or Bioshock 2 or many others, just to name a few).

So, like I said, yeah... keep up the good work
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