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Originally Posted by Logical View Post
If i had 5 year old hardware pumping out visuals like the ones in Crysis 2 i too would be very happy and not whining. Instead i have 2 year old hardware that would run Crysis 2 near enough identical to the 5 year old console hardware....ofc im pissed. When dev's blog about how they are going to be making the most of todays PC hardware i expect them to fulfill there promises instead of this BS they have passed onto us.

OMG i cant believe im getting flamed in a PC gaming thread forum because i expect more from a PC game...Methinks you guys are getting too easily pleased by todays low quality PC games.
You completely missed my point- Crysis 1 was everything you just asked for here in this post. Yet most bitched about it's poor performance. Just what the hell do ya'll expect? Have ya'll developed some wierd believe that absolute cream-of-the-crop rigs should never, ever, under any circumstances, have low framerates? That "fully take advantage of my expensive hardware" means that it'll look life-like-amazing while running at 120fps with 8xAA and vsync?

The idiocy is in such beliefs. Rediculously insane good graphics come and the penalty of lower FPS. This is how it has always been. Go back to the times of SoF, SoF II, MoH:AA, CoD, HL2, and Doom3- those were games that pushed the envolope regarding graphics capabilities at thier respective times. Yet, surprisingly enough, top end rigs back then couldn't push them 100% maxed without taking a performance hit. Heck, it wasn't till the 6800 series we were able to properly play HL2 and FarCry, even then to use high resolutions with AA you needed SLi'd 6800's. I think Doom3 was the only one where we could max it out without issues upon release (save the the Ultra mode which visually brought no improvements).

It's just after those games we really didn't receive any games that were huge ground-breakers in regards to graphics untill Crysis. Sure there was FEAR but that wasn't that huge of a leap. So we had from what- 2004 till whenver Crysis came out... 2007 if I recall? Three years of games that would always run maxed with AA on our expensive rigs. Then crytek releases a game that is very much like the ground-breaking PC games of old and suddenly the pc gaming community turned into a bunch of wet-diaper-infants.

I'd put money down that if Crytek had released Crysis 2 as another graphical/physics behemoth like Crysis 1 was the same people bitching now would still be bitching that their expensive rigs couldn't run it maxed.

No matter what, the PC crowd always finds some petty reason to bitch is my point. They bitch about games not pushing their expensive rigs. The get a game that pushes their expensive rig. They bitch it's not optimized. They get a game that is optimized. They bitch it doesn't push their expensive rig. It's like, suddenly PC gamers turned into a bunch of... bitches!

Just shut up and develop some freaking consistency is all I ask. Want a game with bleeding edge graphics? Don't cry when those bleeding edge graphics makes your hardware bleed. Want a game that is omptimized? Stop bitching when you get one that is optimized.

Consistency. Something the PC community lacks in a very big way.
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