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Originally Posted by Redeemed View Post
The PC community needs to make up it's collective mind. First they criticize Crytek cause in truth Crysis was just too demanding for the hardware available at the time yet the gamers claimed it was just "unoptimized". Now Crytek makes Crysis 2 very optimise and the gamers scream "it's not the graphics and physics show case Crysis 1 was! WAAAAAH!"

So frikken annoying. The one thing I'm beginning to love about the console crowd is in general I notice a lot less bitching and whining.
I couldn't agree more with you. The PC community needs a fresh breeze of air in their minds.

I can understand a person spending lots of money (or maybe not that much but still...) in a high-performant high-definition-gaming-able machine will feel very frustrated when they see the quality standard starts from the console base with a slight touch of ramp-up.

But they perfectly know where are they heading when they do that purchase (the niche class, so they can't really demand anything because they're that... a niche class, hence... a minority without real rights over the rest) so what's the big deal about it?

Another endless topic in the PC community is PS vs Console. Ok, we already know PCs have more power than a console (although that gap is getting smaller and smaller by the second), so what? PC games (and gamers) and Console games (and gamers) aren't enemies or whatever, just that... games and gamers.

So, in the end, yeah... we need a _BIG_ change in mentality (because, anyway, PC & Console gaming is going dissapear (as in 'merge') in the next... 10 years or so), and... the sooner, the better.
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