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Crysis 1 was ground breaking in visuals at its time...

Well kick me in the nuts for wanting Crytek to do the same again this time round but instead they chose to make the console version their primary concern. Now i dont blame them for this..who can, like any other job you go where the money is....However, when Cervat stands there in an interview and tell us the PC version will be just as ground breaking as the original Crysis and then they give us a console game, ofc im gonna question them. We were originally told that the PC version was lead platform and that it would make use of 'Todays' hardware...being DX11 gpu's.

At Christmas i got myself an X360...i hardly ever play it cept when i fancy a go of Forza 3 or Trials HD. I am coming upto my 3 year upgrade (i upgrade my PC to the latest hardware every 3 years and my GPU every year), so far the only excuse for me getting a DX11 GPU namely the GTX580 or its sucessor is BF3. If BF3 has DX10 and there aint much difference between them im not gonna be upgrading anytime soon. I used to upgrade my GPU every year, but this time i have seen no reason to and untill the next gen consoles are out i really dont think there is any justification in buying a DX11 GPU and i must see a lot more games in the pipeline that is gonna use DX11 before i do purchase a new GPU. Seeing as the consoles are getting more love these days i might be tempted to start doing a lot more gaming on them and maybe pass up on upgrading this year untill the next gen consoles are out.

I figure there will be a lot of people that use this analogy. What is the point in buying brand new hardware to play games that is based on older hardware with maybe 1 or 2 titles supporting new hardware at best ? Nvidia and AMD 'MUST' be losing sales due to the lack of support for PC games from dev's.

This post is way off topic and im sorry for that but can you people understand what multiformat devs are doing to the PC platform. If i want a console experience i will play my console, but it has been so long since i have had a real PC gaming experience, perhaps BF2 was the last...Not so long ago there was talk in another thread about the standardisation of an API in the PC platform. Another words every gaming PC would use the same GPU/API. Fact is folks is GPU's that costs 60 are able to play games near enough at the same quality of a GPU that cost 500 at hardly any performance hit ok maybe a little over exageration there, but you see my point the price to performance/visual ratio in todays GPU's for todays games just isn't worth it and if you dont believe me try having a look at Crysis 2 on lowest settings compared to how it is on highest settings.

As a gamer i cannot lose, i enjoy games on all platforms but have preferences on which type of games i play on each platform.. It is clear to me that dev's are taking short cuts and giving PC gamers the same as console gamers...maybe good news for when next gen consoles are out but terrible news as it is atm.
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