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Originally Posted by slaWter View Post
I can't really understand your point.

You're running old hardware and are complaining about Crysis 2's current visuals. A game that looks stunning overall, even though it's only a DX9 game without POM or awesome water effects. Still it runs great on your old hardware! I'm really pleased that I can play this game on my GTX 280 rig with no issues. If the game would provide better visuals, we wouldn't be able to play it with our old systems...

Like I said in the other thread, Crysis 1 was a visual revolution, Crysis 2 is a performance/optimization revolution. This can be a really, really good thing for upcoming PC version of CryEngine 3 games
GTX285 is not old hardware, a PS3 and X360 is, you should be clear about the lifespan of GPU's as atm there isnt many games that are DX9 or 10 that i dont run full whack with at least 8xAA. The fact that im able to do that pisses me off as i want games that can be played in higher settings when i do decide to upgrade. DX11 is atm not worth the upgrade.

Redeemed you need to stop tarnishing all PC gamers with the same brush...because everyone has different opinions, i was happy with the performance and visual quality of Crysis 1 on its release and i as a PC gamer knew at the time that in 12 months i would get a new GPU and be able to play Crysis at higher settings...some didn't like that and some did. Unfortunately this is not possible with Crysis 2.

Eventually PC games will be just the same as console versions on every release. Good news for the console owners bad news for PC owners and the PC platform.
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