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Default Re: Ghostbusters Official Feedback Thread

Bringing this thread back from the dead son.

Anyway, just bagged this game for 9.99 from amazon downloads. At first I had some issues with the frame rate going up and down constantly and the awfulness of no AA. But after limiting it to 30fps and slapping 4xAA on it, it looks great, even two years after its release.

The game itself is good. The music, voice acting, script and story are all ready for the big screen. Gameplay itself is decent. Just gotta play it with the 360 controller for windows.

Finally, this game is a little bit of a breath of fresh air for me. I've been plowing my way through serious games for a while now and was in need of some humor in my gaming life.

I think its still 9.99 at amazon. Its got my vote.
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