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Default Re: Crysis 2 PC pirates can play online!

Originally Posted by sammy sung View Post
Crytek would have to be morons to allow something like this to happen, the unreal tournament franchise had their own master servers since 2003 until they screwed it up with gamespy for UT3. The master server prevented people to play online with pirated software and without a legit copy you couldn't play competetively since statstracking was done serverside. I have no idea why they abandoned the system for UT3 but then again that game killed the franchise anyway. Gamespy is garbage imo, part of it is some wannabe steam but with less functionality.
How can you even release a game today with a multiplayer component without proper authorization software serverside ?
Agreed. You would figure that these game devs would come up with a way to at least keep the pirates out of MP, especially when they complain about piracy like they do. But then again, hackers and pirates will find a way around the "system" one way or another. There is just no denying the fact.
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