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Default Re: Anyone playing in 3d?

I will probably be buying a 3dtv when Uncharted 3 comes out... that game is gonna be friggin SWEET.

Speaking of 3d, my nephew got a 3ds today... makes me wanna vomit... being able to move the screen is NOT good. It was ok on SSFIV3D (lulz), but then I tried Rayman 3d and had to turn the 3d off... it made me want to blow chunks all over myself. And I know people will just say, "You hate everything Nintendo," and that would be mostly true, but I WANTED to like the 3DS... I kept hearing people hype it up as being a game changer, and it just doesn't do much for me. I was hoping to be blown away because I plan on getting a 3DTV that doesn't require glasses eventually, but gaming on my 3d monitor for the PC has been much more pleasant than the 3DS.
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