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Default Wrong colors on 720x756@50i

I would like to watch interlaced Pal content from my DVB-T streams in native 720x576@50hz interlaced modeline.
The problem is that as soon as i set it, the colors on the screen are totally wrong and psychedelic. It happens even at lower -interlaced- resolutions, but not at 1080i.
Please note that all resolutions i tried are from EDID and the panel's manual reports that it support that mode over HDMI.

Panel: Panasonic TX-L42D25E
Connection: HDMI
Platform: nvidia ion first generation
Driver version: 260.19.36
Xorg server version: 1.9.2
SO: Archlinux

Is it a known issue or someone has an hint/workaround around it?

Thank you!
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