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Default Re: Quadro FX 2800M - lockups, resets, ...

Originally Posted by Licaon
can you disable the touchpad when using a mouse ( not that Microsoft IntelliMouse and not one from Logitech as most [mi] errors seem related to that brand ) ?
Since yesterday evening I've unpluged my IntelliMouse (a 10 year old model...). But I've still got one hang up (couldn't create a bug record, I'll try to catch the next one)
Disabling the internal touch pad seems like a not so good idea to me. (And if I'd try that: how? Would a xorg.con entry be sufficient?)
Originally Posted by Licaon
also try to mess around MTRR as you have some uncacheable entries: ( not a solution but it does not hurt )
I tried that (the kernel parameter setting) but it didn't change anything as the kernel couldn't find a good setup. Other informations on the net showed that the nVidia driver ignores that anyway...
Originally Posted by Licaon View Post
any news on a recent kernel ?
No. I couldn't find one. I'll wait for ubuntu 11.04 and do an early upgrade.
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