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Anyone got it yet?

If it's exclusive to the 590, I'm sure the community will yet again fix the game before the end of the day.

Also, I CAN see how nvidia would pay them to make it exclusive.. especially after seeing how well the game runs on old ass 8800's and stuff like that. I'm sure the typical consumer would see the enormous price tag of the 590 and ask why should they buy that when a card half the cost will run it maxed out...

So making it exclusive to the 590 would be a cheap way to sell a few more 590's before the community handles the problem.

I'm sure that IF this is a 590 exclusive, it won't be for long. Nvidia knows that they will piss off a LOT of other people who bought their hardware and it would be incredibly foolhardy for them to alienate 99% of their customers.
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