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Default mplayer2 released with improved VDPAU support

mplayer2 2.0 has been released. Of particular relevance to this forum is its VDPAU support, which is better than in any other current video player.

VDPAU-related improvements over MPlayer 1 include:
- support for video framerates equal to or higher than display refresh rate
- support for VDPAU frame timing feature
- improved VDPAU performance due to better frame buffering and texture handling
- code to reduce jitter with frames that could be timed just before or after a display refresh
- support for studio level output
- ability to switch YUV colorspace at runtime
- several bugfixes
- ability to handle frames added by VDPAU deinterlacing properly (framestep works for example)
- support for configuring default VDPAU deinterlace mode without forcing deinterlace to be enabled

More information at
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