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Default Re: Blank Screen on HP EliteBook 8540w with NVIDIA driver

Wow thats such great work finding out this great solution, i was experimenting with the DSDT as well, but my knowledge was far to low... and still is...
I could easily follow your tutorial until the creation of the DSDT.hex, after this i'm stuck.
Where do i find the kernel configuration file? I already donwloaded the kernel source with yast but where do they go to? Oh by the way i'm in an opensuse environment.

Could somebody explain the steps how to include the custom DSDT into the kernel in way noobs like me understand? Would be so great, i cannot await the moment my Dreamcolor Display turns on!

edit: i found out that there is an entry for custom DSDTs in /etc/sysconfig/kernel in opensuse 11.4.
I put in my peg3 before pegp dsdt there but nothing changed after reboot. omg i'm such a noob just doing things wich are written somewhere without understanding what happens ;-)
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